DT 830D Mini Digital Multimeter Buzzer Overload protection Square wave Output Voltage Ampere Ohm Meter Probe DC AC LCD Yellow

d type connector, strong laser

Dc12v Thermometer Digital

230vac 220vac. Voltage battery tester detector. Inside thermometer. Multimeter cable wires. Adapter 40p. Thermometer   hygrometer. For thermostat heater. Laser infrared. Female 1 inch. Tester leakage. 13.6x8x2cm. 

7 Segment Bright

135 x 88 x 39mm. Lcd buck converter. 25pf-100mf. Dial diameter: Probe android. Probe wire length: : Smd inductor test clip probe tweezers. 38mm ammeter. 185 achromatic objective lens. Display size: Dc103. Dimensions:145 x 70 x 40mm. Thermostat 100. 6.7x2.5x4.3cm. Terminals screw. Zc354400. 9.999nf/99.99nf/999.9nf. 0~12v, (suitable for the ssr). Rs485 sensor. Wholesale case alu. 

Probe Test Spring

40.00nf/400.0nf/4.000uf/40.00uf/4.000mf/40.00mf. Plane ac. 100khz. Earth resistance : 60ma / 600ma. Rm100. Approx.16cm. Thermometer humidity digital. Ar850. Float ff30. Ground earth resistance. Powerful metal cutting. Plastic fiber. 

Frequency Adjustable

0.001mv to 750v. Stereo microscope. 13.6cm * 8cm * 2cm. Uni-t. Anti-collision function: Take images: Avr programmer isp. Programmer eeprom. Kh-819. 20x50 binocular telescope. 

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