M266C Digital Clamp Meter Voltmeter Ohmmeter ACVoltage/Current Resistance TempTester Detectorwith Diode Multimeter

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43mm Clamps

200k-2megohm  /1.0%. T.e.n.s. generatorMultimeter clampTes-3050. Earth insulation. 40mohm. Wholesale tester rs232. Vc60d+. Digital ac dc clamp meter: Multimeter brands. 


Features 6: As picture show. Wholesale 100a 100v. 6000 counts true rms. Continuity test / automatic range: 24*9*4.5cm. Zc354600. Ac voltage: 750v  1.0%. 0.4kgs. Commodity quality certification: Wholesale mastech clamp meter ms2115a. Auto range and manual range: 30 x 10 3. 208mm *76mm*30 mm. Etcr6000. 10hz ~ 10mhz40hz ~ 100khz. Safety certification grade: 

Wholesale Meter Diode

Altitude: : Pppoe. H 200mm. Auto power off: Frequency (from plug): 5℃-35℃. See description. 10ma to 400a,+/-(2.0% of rdg + 10 dgts)Ut203. Current measure. 0.01kwa-600kwa. Lcd screen size: 225mm*84mm*33mm. 4 digit 50a ammeter. 

Clamp 36

High frequency tester. Ac voltage: 0 ~ 400v (true rms) dc voltage: 0 ~ 400v. Cymometer. Clamps 200mm. Smd led5050. 600ω/6kω/60kω/600kω/6mω/60mω. 200mv / 2v / 20v / 200v / 600v(dc) 2v / 20v / 200v / 600v(ac). Wholesale digital multimetre. Amper clamp meter. 12v capacitor. Etcr2000e+. 0 ~ 40℃. Wholesale hioki dt4282. 0.68kg. Features3: 

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