Fashion 2000pcs 8mm Plum Blossom ReddishOrange with Golden undertone sequins Jewelry Accessories cloth crafts confetti clothing

pvc shiny, string foil bag

Casual Sundresses

Wine red kids. 5 petal flower. Ab mixed. Ab transparent. 083004017. Polyester / nylon. 11 colors. 20mm flat 07. Maple leaf pierce. 20mm loose sequins. 5mm cup. Round cup. Glitter blue, laser gold, holographic fuchsia, silver base gold, etc. Wholesale dress korea. Lure spinner. Yarn dyed. Silver based -champagne gold color. 

Chops Sticks

85x17mmcattail. Brand new popular colors. Flat snowflakeChip ivory. Transparent gray. 15mm star. Floral for scrapbooking. Oval shape. Slash neck. Lmh120z. Garment, festive, party, event supplies, dancing dress decoration, etc. Shells. Sweatshirt women. Wholesale turquoise. Wholesale shoe flash. Beads large. Lace ribbon silver. 0.01mm. Transparent. 

25 Pcs Diamond

12mm  cup six petals flower. 2mm round. Sequins ribbons. Tentoper. 1mm/2mm. Yarn sequined. Sequin 8mm. Round shape sequins. Wholesale sequin bulk. 8mm cup plum red. 

Wholesale Ribbon Lace Gold

3-5mm nail mix. 10mm cup round. Black and white  reversible pillowcase mermaid. Galaxy s5 case. With pad: Cream pink, beige. 17mm love heart. Ab green. Mix 4 deisgnPeach heart. 6mm flat solid melon. Materials quilting. Net and fabric. Mens high sneaker. Sequin bag children. Wt070352. Iridescent fish. 4mmcupabplatingmix. 6.5cm. Zipper. 

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