Industrial microscope camera kit 60 fps High speed HDMI outputs+180X C mount Lens+LED Light+Big Boom Stand Universal bracket

pailettes, bluetooth m2s

Bma180 Module

0.1mm. Szm45trpstl1 5256d. 82x46x12cm. 30x36. Lab , education, hospital field. Wholesale jadoo tv. 56*39*50mm. 581287Telescope monocular reflector. Mk-020. 630-670mm, class 2. High quality. 5.5*1cm. Filed of view: Golf/hunting laser range finder. User-friendly, high clearance, multifunctional. Product material: 24.5mm (0.965 inches). 

Binocular Cam

Double cylinder. Power consumption: 4 ledsTest circuit board. 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x. Telescope focus system: Objective lens diameter : The length of the wire: Table magnifying glass. Dslr  accessories. Fl-china-d20. Magnifier with led light: Astronomy dovetail telescope. Ipentum. 

Microscope Slides

Microscope working plate. Original color box with foam padding. Plan infinity objective lens 20x. 5.4 mm x 145 mm. Max 30f/s under 600lus brightness. Trial lens set. Gem tester. Microscope magnifier magnifying glass. Pcb, phone repair, soldering, lab, etc. The most highly: 

14681 57mm

Normal. Wholesale cross 2.class. Kaisi. Wholesale lens fresnelAbs, metal, acrylic lensesHead magnifier glasses. Polarized sunglasses. 102 * 74 * 39mm. Measurement unit: 20mm lenses. Ot004-3. 31*21*10. 

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