UNI T UT204A 600A AC DC Digital Clamp Meters With Temperature Test Auto Range 600V Voltage Continuity Buzzer

3000 w, Tenmars AC/DC 400A Current Converter Clamp Meter Tester TM 1004 TM1004, Wholesale dc pen voltmeter

Foxconn Lcd

D17831. As shown below. Wholesale otdr tester. 3 x 1.5v aaa baterry. Jaw diameter: Temperature testing range: Buzzer tester. 2v 40ma. 1kg(with batteries and accessories). Clamp meter temperature. Wholesale 100uf 200v. High sensitivity. High voltage insulation tester. -20c to 750c +/-2.0%. 

Clamp Double

Am2301 digital. 0-750 c. As show. 20a-200a-400. 236mm * 97mm * 40mm. 188*55*22mm. 200ohm / 2kohm / 20kohm / 200kohm / 2mohm. Fod100k-2000m. Wholesale g84. 

Low Current Clamp

Ac current 2a--1000a. Aca:200/2000a. The maximum display value: Resistance 10 ohm. Wholesale auto clamp meter. Yukala. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40m ohm. Dual lcd back light. Zc354700Automotive oscilloscope. -20~1000 c. 4v/40v/400v/600v+/-1.0%. Ac/dc  0ma~60.0a. 

Ac Current Meter Display

Dc current 40a/400a+/-(2.0% +6). Dc 1.25a. 40nf-4000μ. 200ohm ~20mohm. 9.999nf--99.99mf. Austar. 4nf/40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/200uf. 1.5v (aaa) x 3 (not included). M266f. 45v 100ma. Wire multimeter. 220mm x 75mm x 40mm. 0.1a to 600a, +/-(2.0% of rdg + 5 dgts). Adjustable power. Ut-203. Power and harmonics clamp meters ut243. 

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